Get Strong. Play Safe.

Get Strong. Play Safe.

Get Strong. Play Safe.Get Strong. Play Safe.Get Strong. Play Safe.

Dynamic neck strengthening for the entire team in just 2 minutes!

About Us

Neck Strengthening Strap

The Neck Strengthening Strap (NSS) provides functional, on the field neck strengthening for football players of all ages. This is not just any other band. Our patent-pending design was developed by a team which includes Doctors of Physical Therapy, Athletic Trainers, and Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches, all of which are dedicated to providing a product that will be a game changer on and off the field. 

Get Strong.

Be ready for the upcoming season by targeting all of your neck muscles with multi-directional, dynamic resistance training in just two minutes!

Play Safe.

Stronger necks have been shown to reduce the risk of head and neck injuries. Get started with your Neck Strengthening Strap Protocol today!

Why the Neck strengthening Strap?

Laboratory Strength Testing


Our team has extensively tested the Neck Strengthening Strap in the lab and on the field to create the perfectly designed device to optimally strengthen the neck.