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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How long does it take to run through the NSS program? Do I need to do all of the exercises?

A: Most players are able to complete all of our specifically designed neck strengthening exercises in two minutes or less. The NSS Protocol is the ultimate Two Minute Drill!

Our program was designed by Doctors of Physical Therapy specializing in the treatment of neck related injuries, and we recommend completing the routine as instructed.

Q: How much force can the NSS resist? How can I adjust the amount of resistance?

A: The NSS has been lab tested to resist over 100 pounds without failure, and has been used with high level collegiate athletes without breaking. 

The NSS works perfectly for athletes ranging from beginner youth programs to collegiate players. By either holding the strap further away from the head, anchoring the strap with more tension, or using one of the strands of the loop instead of two will all modify the amount of force provided by the NSS. 

Q: Do I need a helmet to use the NSS? Is it only designed for football helmets?

A: Our current design is intended for use with a helmet in order to achieve optimal strengthening of the neck muscles.   

The Neck Strengthening Strap can be used with any helmet that has a face mask (football, lacrosse, hockey, etc). Please make sure that all helmets are properly fitted to the manufacturer's standards prior to use, then simply attach the NSS to the helmet, adjust the resistance appropriately, and begin strengthening! 

Q: How many Neck Strengthening Straps should a team have?

A: We recommend having one strap per player, as this allows for the most time efficient strengthening routine during warm-ups without taking away from valuable practice time.

What is the NSS made out of?

The NSS is made out of 100% latex; if you have a latex allergy please do not use the NSS.