Get Strong. Play Safe.

Why Neck Strengthening?

We spend weeks if not months preparing for the upcoming sports season, devoting countless hours to getting in the best physical condition possible. Like any other muscle group, the neck requires specific training in order to see strength changes, and recent studies are showing a relationship between stronger necks and reducing injury risks. In just a few minutes you can strengthen all of the important stabilizing muscles of the neck, and help keep you playing your best this season. 


Neck Strengthening Research


Neck Strength: A Protective Factor Reducing Risk for Concussion in High School Sports.

Collins et al. found that for every 1 pound increase in neck strength the risk of a concussion decreased by 5 percent. 

The Influence of Cervical Muscle Characteristics on Head Impact Biomechanics in Football.

Schmidt et al. found that football players who controlled their head better and had more neck stiffness were less likely to have significant head impacts.

Effect of Neck Muscle Strength and Cervical Muscle Activation on Response of the Head to Loads.

Eckner et al. found that individuals with stronger necks and better muscle activation had greater control over unanticipated impacts.

Can Specific Neck Strengthening Decrease Cervical Spine Injuries in a Professional Rugby Team?

Naish et al. found a significant reduction in the number of neck injuries after performing a specific neck strengthening program. 

Neck Strength Imbalance Correlates With Increased Head Acceleration in Soccer Heading.

Dezman et al. stated that having more symmetrical neck strength may decrease head acceleration during impact. 

The Role of Neck Muscle Activities on the Risk of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in American Football.

Jin et al. found  that increased neck strength can reduce the time to compress the neck, which may play a role in decreasing the risk of brain injury.